Based in Chelmsford, the company consists of database consultants, professional research and data-fill teams, database software programmers and web-designers. In addition to Government Data we regularly research and supply non-government stakeholder data to a wide range of organisations.

We have been sponsoring the charity MySociety for over ten years and have worked with them to pioneer ‘Writetothem.com’. We have supported them in providing a service to citizens in helping them to communicate to their locally elected government representatives.

With an ever changing government structure and high churn of contact data, together with an ever increasing number of local and national issues, we believe that there is a commercial and social need to provide efficient communications to and from government.

Whether you are a Charity, NGO or a large Corporation we are interested in providing you with a communications solution.

Historic UK

Over the last 15 years the Founders of Commercial Evaluations Ltd have been involved in the creation of ‘Locator Online’ (see www.locatoronline.co.uk ) and the ‘Goveval’ service (see www.goveval.com ). To support these products there is an experienced in-house research team refreshing Data on a daily basis.

Locator Online is a leading edge ‘rules based’ software Database providing VIP stakeholder postcode look-up technology and streamed Data daily to over 300 CRM systems, websites, Corporates, News Groups, Water and Power Utilities, Transport and Communications Operators, Charities etc. Commercial Evaluations also provide streamed daily Data to the UK Central Government.

Goveval is a subscription service and provides contact and biographical Data on MPs, Peers, MSPs, Welsh AMs, MLAs, MEPs, Local Councillors, Officers, Committees, Portfolio Holders, Group Party Leaders and a wide range of other VIP stakeholders. Data is refreshed daily and uploaded into Goveval overnight.


Over the last few years Commercial Evaluations has been working with a large US Company in developing and rolling-out a unique map front-end Public relations / Asset management software product to large Corporates across Germany, Canada, Brazil, South Africa and South Korea.

The expertise gained from their international product experience has enabled Commercial Evaluations Ltd to develop the unique ‘Mapolitical’ UK Public relations / Communications software Application.