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Mapolitical is a stakeholder database linked to a mapping system which enables our clients to click anywhere on a UK map down to street level and immediately connect with the relevant VIP stakeholders (MPs, Ward Councillors, L.A. Officers, Parish Councillors, MSPs, Welsh MSs, NI Assembly Members and GLA). In addition, routes (road, rail, pipes, underground & o/h cables), Assets, towns, secure and environmental areas, etc. can be plotted on the map and saved - once saved the stakeholders (Local/National Government Legislators and officials) are refreshed daily.

All our Data is refreshed daily by our in-house research team and is fully GDPR compliant.

We have software Applications which are used extensively by some very large companies, corporations and Government, both in the UK and overseas, often linking political legislators, their electoral boundaries and asset data (including for projects in Canada, Brazil, Germany, South Africa and South Korea).

I have also attached two documents to this email covering our UK Map Draw capability as well as our Managed Service options, used in the UK, but applicable internationally.

Mapolitical provides communication solutions to organisations (Companies, Government etc.) responsible for complex infrastructure.

Just a selection of present UK Clients using Mapolitical Data and services

Utilities: Most UK Utilities – Water, Gas, Energy, Transport, Telecoms – several applications covering daily PR / Public Affairs and disaster communications and planning (see later).

Major Infrastructure Consultations - Planners and Builders: – East West Rail (Oxford to Cambridge railway project), Highways England e.g. Oxford to Cambridge Expressway, DfT, Jacobs, several major construction Companies etc.

Local Government: Several County and Unitary Councils to help politically map and implement their Local Plans.

Housing Groups: To politically map their housing assets across the UK – we have over 100,000 housing assets mapped into Mapolitical, to optimise communications with local VIP stakeholders. Using some newly developed technology there is no upper limit of assets we can handle.

The Post Office: We provide a Mapolitical service to the UK Post Office to politically manage and communicate to local communities, in the relocation and churn of over 12,000 UK Post Offices.

Government Departments: We provide daily services to the UK MHCLG, Dept. of Education and Cabinet Office etc.

Rail Transport: We have plotted the locations of UK Railway stations and routes into Mapolitical so that clients’ can respond rapidly in the event of an incident.

Aviation : We provide political mapping covering flight paths. Mapolitical can identify VIP stakeholders under a drawn flight path - used for environmental noise, air pollution and other airport communications.

Political Lobbying and Awareness: Corporations who have local assets and interests across the country (Retail, Manufacturing, Services, etc.) can locate and communicate with local political influencers and decision makers concerning legislation likely to affect their business and employees.

NHS Data-sets: Due to recent events we have integrated Clinical Commissioning Groups, their boundaries and related VIP stakeholders into Mapolitical. This provides an unique map search engine covering both VIP Political and Chief Council Health Officers and Clinical Commissioning VIPs across England. In addition to this we have incorporated Hospitals, GP Surgeries and their contacts.

Covid19: We have been in discussion with NHSX and various UK Universities (Imperial College) in providing our expertise in postcode/GIS location technology to help with the test & trace projects which will play a vital role in the planning, testing, tracing and actions required for local community Covid19 outbreaks. This is ongoing.

Case Study Applications

1) The communications associated with the build and maintenance of complex Utility infrastructure using the Map front end e.g. gas and water pipes, sewerage, public and secure asset management (pumping stations etc.), maintenance and erection of O/H cables, pylons and telecom land lines and mobile communications build.

The map front end of Mapolitical brings a new dimension managing the communities and planning of complex infrastructure i.e. click on a map down to street level and immediately communicate with key VIP stakeholders. See Managed service document attached.

2) Disaster and Incident Communications

During 2019/20 the unique features of Mapolitical were used to provide essential communications promptly to local communities associated with a range of national issues and disasters. See Map-Draw module attached.

Severe Floods: Where gas and water pipes were contaminated and large citizen evacuations were required to ensure the safety of the community. For example: The Whaley Bridge Dam Reservoir partial collapse involving both Gas and Water Companies. Communications via Mapolitical were required over several weeks to local communities, VIP stakeholders and citizens in distress.

Gas Explosions: Prompt communications using Mapolitical Map-Draw to ensure a Gas utility is aware of the key stakeholders and local dangerous assets (petrol stations, chemical storage, schools etc.). As demonstrated, once an incident is located, within minutes VIP stakeholders, emergency services and citizens in distress can be located for communication and other purposes.

Environmental Health Emergencies: Efficient and prompt communications to local VIP stakeholders covering local community health contamination, air and land disease, water and air contamination, spillages etc.

Citizens in distress: Using the functionality of Mapolitical together with Map-Media, the ability to promptly communicate with local VIP stakeholders and citizens via key local news-desks covering local Newspapers, TV and Radio.

3) Managed Services

For Agencies with clients who have an immediate issue within their infrastructure, we can provide a prompt ‘managed political mapping service’ within 24/48 hours. Please see attached one page document on this service.


I have mentioned only a small selection of the potential applications of Mapolitical. We are market driven by our clients in providing leading edge technical solutions to serious client issues. We are continually surprised by the various innovative ideas that our clients present to us.

If you are interested we can provide a shared-screen conference meeting as a demonstration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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