Client Applications

Mapolitical is used by a range of organisations including Public Utilities, major Telecoms, Transport Operators, Government Agencies as well as Charities and other Non Governmental Organisations.

These organisations are involved on a daily basis with press and public relations, monitoring and maintaining their infrastructure, engineering, planning new infrastructure, design and related professions, while being active in central and local government relationship building.

Mapolitical has many powerful client applications:-

  • Local Incident Management, informing politicians and key stakeholders on how an issue is being resolved.
  • Planning and Project managing New infrastructure with a National / Local Risk Analysis.
  • Communications management, contacting and updating key stakeholders associated with an existing infrastructure.
  • Producing a Public Relations response to environmental and other disasters. Including adding new boundary areas to the system.
  • Organising events involving Council Officers, Councillors, MPs and other stakeholder contacts.
  • Managing Public Affairs and Public Relations.
  • Planning for future legislative and regulatory requirements.
Client Applications