Mapolitical Managed Service

What do we mean by a Managed Service?

For clients who are involved in complex infrastructure (building, planning, maintaining, disaster monitoring and management, etc. ), Commercial Evaluations can provide a bespoke Political Mapping Service, which allows rapid communication to key VIP stakeholders across the UK within 24 / 48 hours.

About our Stakeholder Data

The areas covered by the database include Local Government (Officers, Councillors (approx.. 20,000), Cabinets/ Portfolio holders/Committees, Chairmen, Key Councillors), Parish Council Clerks, MPs, AMs, GLA, NI Assembly and LEPs. Other Client stakeholders can be researched and integrated on a bespoke basis.The database is updated every 24 hours by a focused team of researchers and is GDPR compliant..

How does it Work?

For a registered client a Mapolitical Account will be opened and, if relevant, any key client related infrastructure aspects will be incorporated into the in-house mapping system (e.g. boundaries, areas of Natural beauty, Assets etc.)

A process will be agreed, where the Client can provide an adhoc request to Commercial Evaluations for a prompt Political Mapping Report.Mutually agreed standard fees will be charged per report.

In addition to the normal PR, Planning, Public Affairs needs, Mapolitical has recently been used for floods, gas explosions, evacuations and other national incidents where citizens have been in distress.

As an example the London Tideway Project (probably the largest and most complex project currently being implemented in London) was politically mapped by Commercial Evaluations within 24 hrs using their bespoke in-house Mapolitical Application – thus saving several man weeks of cost.
For information on Mapoitical please see

Over 200 key VIP stakeholders and their contact details were found for immediate use for – PR & public Affairs, newsletters, emails, PR and Public Affairs, planning, issues, maintenance, and general Local Community communications. Key stakeholders are continually refreshed daily, enabling optional communications sustainability for the life-time of the project.